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Digital 3D Design Review

The main topic in this book is generally about 3D design. It is about computer aided design instead of a physical type of 3 Dimensional design. The front cover is very eye-catching, the biggest image on it is of a 3D model of a woman’s head which instead of realistic textures and materials, has a very interesting colour  to it. It is uncertain whether the colour is caused by either the materials assigned to the model, or by the lighting added to it. Or it could be a mixture of both. Either way it did its job as a cover as it caught my eye.

I would say that the audience for this book would be anyone who is interested in an overall look at 3D design in general, the different techniques, different 3D software, processes etc… The layout of the book is very effective, almost like a timeline of 3D design, from the beginning, to how it is now.

Unfortunately it is not a book that shows step by step tutorials, (which is one thing that us 3D designers always look for in a book), but I have learned a whole deal from it. For example I have always wondered about what would be the quickest and easiest way of getting a photorealistic look on renders of my models and animations. This book didn’t tell me how to do it step by step on a particular 3D program, but mentions tips and tricks throughout the book which mostly use camera functions,( such as lens flare, motion blur, etc.) that would help me get that look and apply it to any 3D program.

It is very interesting that this is one of the very few books I have seen on 3D design as it is generally. I guess that because it’s just an overall look at it that these sorts of books are not that popular. I have, however, seen a massive amount of magazines about 3D design, most of them which come out monthly with the latest tips, updates, and sometimes even free material that comes in a CD. These £5-10 magazine series would certainly be more convenient for a 3D artist to buy instead of a $24.99 book which doesn’t come with freebies, and in a few months will be out of date anyway.


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