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Charles And Ray Eames

I really admire Charles and Ray Eames, in this case I don’t mean because of their work, (which is a thing I admire in itself), but because they are one of the very, very few couples (which I know of) who have successfully mixed their marriage and their work in their lives. I have done some research in this area of married couples working together, and what I have found out, unfortunately, is exactly what I suspected. According to the website  “The problem in the case of a spouse is the potential emotional boomerang. Usually what happens is, if it doesn’t work out, the employee leaves and you never see them again, but in this case, if it doesn’t work out, you go home and have dinner together. That’s where the problem lies.” I guess this could cause all sorts of problems in a marriage which later on could lead to a divorce.

Not only have Charles and Ray Eames managed to just work together while keeping their marriage safe, but they have made such major contributions to modern furniture design and architecture and produced some of the most awesome and creative work in their time. Could their work itself have been the reason that they were in a successful marriage? Maybe they were so motivated by their work, that, almost as if it was their child, it was the reason they stayed together. I also think that the fact that they worked in a creative environment and not a corporate and business environment helped them out too.

I am pretty sure that as in all marriages (according to my mum, as I don’t have experience in that area), they had their problems, but I respect the fact that they stayed together despite all the risks.


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